• OPA Statement on the war in Ukraine

    Throughout the past few weeks, the world has witnessed increased hostilities and military expansion along the Russian and Ukraine border by Russian governmental actors. The Ohio Psychological Association (OPA) is deeply troubled by Russia’s military invasion of the Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian crisis unfolding.

    Our Association stands in solidarity with those living in Ukraine, our membership, their relatives of Ukrainian descent, Ukrainian refugees, and the world community that is impacted by these threats to life, human rights, and Ukrainian society. We also want to acknowledge our support for individuals of Russian descent that have been impacted by forces outside of their control. OPA is committed to providing our knowledge and support as psychologists to the community regarding the impact this may have on multidimensional well-being in both the present and future.

    We invite our OPA membership to review the following resources for more information:

    What is happening: The events unfolding may be a confusing for some. If you are looking for more information regarding Ukraine and the impact of the invasion by Russian forces please consider visiting the following sources for real-time updates. Please be aware of any misinformation that may be spread and vet your resources to the best of your ability.


    Advocacy/Donations: Many are wondering what they can do to help. Here are some reputable resources for assisting refugees or providing charity to those suffering in Ukraine and surrounding nations

    Talking with children about the events in Ukraine:


    Avoiding discrimination and perpetration of racism during Ukraine crisis:


    Thank you to those that helped provide resources for this statement, including membership, the APA and Div 17.